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Michael Scruggs

Coach, Trainer, & Health Consultant



Mike is an advanced certified soccer coach through the NSCAA.  He is a certified personal trainer and Health Coach through A. C. E..  He also has SGX and TRX Group X certifications.  As Mike coached soccer up until 2014, his specialty is working with groups of young athletes as a strength and conditioning coach.  He is no stranger to the gym, he has worked one on one in the gym since 2011, challenging and motivating his clients to shred weight, build muscle, and sculpt their ideal body shape.  Starting in 2015 Mike found Spartan Racing and has been involved with OCR training, ripping people off the couch and getting them involved, resulting in a healthier lifestyle.  

Last, but not least, Mike has started a preventative healthcare non-profit business, HealthierU Inc., where he works hands-on with clients to modify their lifestyles through fitness and nutritional education.  His non-profit work involves helping people battle heart disease, cancer, dementia, Diabetes, obesity, and auto-immune diseases.


“Like many people I have a hard time when it comes to will power.  It has been a long, hard road that I’ve traveled to get to where I am today; I have learned alot along the way.  My battle with weight loss, as well as, improving my fitness is what has inspired and motivated me to help others reach their health and fitness goals...while making sure it is a fun and rewarding experience.” 

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