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Elite OC Racing/Spartan SGX

Training Course

Twelve Week Training Program  
Classes: 3 sedssions per week 
Time: 7 to 8 pm (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

The Elite OC Racing/Spartan SGX Training Course offered by Elite Health and Fitness, Inc. is a small group training program. It is designed to prepare the participant, over a three month period, for competitive sporting events. Whether you are preparing to run a 5K, a marathon, a mud race, or any other extreme competition…YOU WILL BE PREPARED! There are four main factors we focus on: Correct body movement and technique, injury prevention, a mind and body connection, and building strength and stamina. Our course is a periodized program designed over twelve weeks. It is a functional fitness program, which incorporates many different modalities of the fitness industry (body weight, kettle bells, weight training, Core, HIIT, TRX, etc.).

Spartan SGX is the official training program of Spartan Racing. With its focus on functional body weight exercises, the program is intended to prepare anyone for an obstacle race, or just to improve overall fitness. Spartan SGX is distinguished by its “periodized” programming and holistic approach to improved health, which takes into account people’s behavior outside of the gym and builds mental, as well as physical, resilience and strength.


Spartan defines “periodization” as “planned variation in volume, intensity and exercise specificity.” In simple terms, a periodized program has a pre-determined plan behind it intended to lead to steady improvements in physical performance. The program has spread worldwide since the first certification workshop, in 2012.


Spartan Racing, the world leader in obstacle course racing has a rigorous coaching education program to certify coaches (SGX certification).  SGX coaches are the top, elite fitness coaches for mud race and obstacle course fitness training in the country.  The Spartan SGX program is the only professional training program focused on athletes and week-end warriors alike in preparing to participate in the fastest growing sport in the world.


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