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There's a lot of articles and opinions you're reading about in the media right now. Unfortunately, a lot of it is false or misleading information. What I am about to say is NOT to sell you is just common sense…SO PLEASE READ ON!

To start off, let’s try and agree on a simple premise. There’s only one thing we know for sure when it comes to defending your body from foreign invaders…Your innate immune system is your main defense!

While new strains and superbugs can be serious business, strengthening your immune system naturally can do your body significant good.

The great news is, we already know a lot about the immune system, how to strengthen it, and what time-tested nutrients and practices will protect it.

The very concept of needing a ‘cure’ for something doesn’t acknowledge the fact that instead of fighting a virus from the outside in, your best bet is to support your body’s innate intelligence and let it go to work.

There is no ‘cure’ for the seasonal flu, and yet countless people catch the flu every year and fight it off. Whether your goal is total prevention or getting over a virus quickly: the secret is immune strength.

Viruses and bacteria are everywhere, why do only some people get sick? It turns out that many people - due to genetics, toxins, stress, or other factors have “holes” in their immune system that makes them more vulnerable to bugs.

That’s why it’s important to support your immune system and give it a lifeline. FEEL BETTER FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Here are six holistic/practical ways to support your immune system!

1) Exercise – reduces stress, increase blood flow, and work muscles;

2) Sweat – raising your core body temperature, a natural response to pathogenic infections;

3) Nutrition – optimally feed your cells by maximizing nutrients per calorie intake;

4) Sunshine – UV rays are nature’s anti-bacterial/viral/fungal healers. Sunshine affects circadian rhythm, boosts mood, regulates hormones, and provides vitamin D;

5) Quality Sleep – supports rest and digestion. Poor sleep triggers poor lifestyle choices;

6) Hands to Face Awareness – Washing your hands is common sense, your face (eyes, nose, and mouth) are the most significant gateway into your body. You want to sanitize without negatively affecting your microbiome. Avoid antibacterial soaps, which kill not only harmful bacteria but also the good.

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